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The Very First Few Steps In Apartment Hunting

Posted on December 21st, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

When looking for a new place to live the entire process can be overwhelming and most often people make the choice of settling for what’s available and not really finding what they want. So if you are thinking about moving and you are also lost and confused about where and how to start her are a few steps to guide you into finding exactly what you are looking for.
Step 01: Prioritize
This is in terms of prioritizing the requirements that should be met for you to be happy with the apartment. Most people make the common mistake of seeing the places and then figuring out what they want and if the places they looked at has those requirements. The downfall here is that once you make the lit and go through what you saw and then decide to make the call the place might already been sold to someone else. By having the list first and then going apartment hunting will allow you to make an offer as soon as you see one that you like and have the requirement you want. So here a general list you need to keep in mind.

• High or low cost
• Furnished apartments or not
• The neighborhood
• Relocation flexibility
• The building maintenance
• The space size
• And the distance from your work place, school , shopping facilities and highways
• Interior designs
Step 02: Make a list
This is to make a list of all the complexes that you have heard or seen advertisements about and you are interested in checking out. To make this list use the list that you made in the first step and prioritize accordingly. To get some extra help here you can always refer to your local rental guides, newspaper listings , view websites of these complexes or talk to you local realtors.
Step 03: Call ahead
Don’t make the mistake of going to every single one of these complexes on your list. That will just be a waste of your time. The best thing to do is to call ahead and ask a couple of questions and depending on that visit the ones that are more appealing to you. For example if you are looking for furnished apartments in Singapore then you should call and confirm if these complexes meet that requirement. Don’t just depend on what the advertisements say. Make sure you call ahead and confirm in the requirements you are looking for are available.
These 3 steps are regarding the narrowing done process of the hunt the next step will be to visit the short listed complexes and then make your final decision. Remember if you see what you want then make an offer so that you don’t miss out.

How To Promote A Swimwear Line

Posted on December 18th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

Swim wear is rather popular in island countries with lot of sun and during the summer. It is quite difficult to make swim wear look good, because people have different tastes and it is not really their concern of the swim ware. But there are several ways to promote you line of swim ware if you are a swim wear designer.

Fashion show

The best and the most famous way of promoting designer wear is that to have a fashion show. Try and get many sponsors as possible. Because holding a fashion show is not an easy or cheap task. If you are short on cash you can actually make it like a charity event and get people to cover for the fashion show as well. Have exciting activities like underwater photography for the participants to enjoy and you can charge for this as well. There are many other ways to collect funds for a fashion show, you can take a small loan to cover the expenses, enter in a competition are few of those.

Social media

Social media is a powerful tool these days to promote almost anything. Create a page for your brand and post latest designs and prices and if you take any custom orders for swim teams you can take them through facebook as well. when you are posting pictures of the swimwear designs, make sure they are out of the ordinary, for example since it is a swimwear line you can have good cameraman to elevate the designs, especially if your designs involve lot of diving suit designs.

Media advertising

This is rather en expensive method, but if you have the funds for it, you can put an advertisement on television, radio or news papers. Putting up advertisements in fashion magazines are an expensive option but lot of potential customers does read these magazines. It is slightly old school but advertising in magazines and media is still a valid form of promoting products.


This is when you sponsor events with either your clothing or with funds to help their event and you get to advertise your products and brand. For example if there is an fashion event organized you can sponsor them with funds so that you can advertise your products during the event. Or if there is a beach concert organized you can sponsor swimwear and that way you get free publicity.


If you have friends or contacts in the media like magazines or any channels, you can require them to do an interview of you. If there are any programs for upcoming entrepreneurs, fashion designers etc, you can ask to be interviewed and that way you can promote your designs.

Essentials To Pack When Going Abroad

Posted on December 8th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

If you are planning on going abroad for the seasonal holidays, and were smart enough to plan months ahead and grab tickets that did not take two paychecks then you must also have thought of what to take and not take with you when you are going abroad. So for those who are veterans and also for the newbie people, here are some items that you must give attention to.

#1 Clothes

When you are packing clothes always consider the options of where you are going and where you are staying at. Most hotels all over the world offer laundry services, and if not you can always go for the local Laundromat. So pack only essential clothes that can be washed again without hassle. And if you planning on shopping for clothes you can always wear those new clothes too. So bear in mind not to pack like a nagger and only take comfortable clothes that makes you look good on camera.

#2 Medicine

All of us have a condition or two that require taking medication on a regular basis. Make sure to make an appointment with the doctor to get an extra prescription and also extra medication. Pack this medication according to each dosage so you have three packets if you are taking three separate doses on a day. Do not put all you medicine into one bag as if you lose that bag you will have nothing. Also take some basic painkillers, vomit medicine, stomach medicine for emergency scenarios.

#3 Camera and accessories

It is a good idea to take spare batteries for your camera and also invest in an extra safe camera bag. Since you will most likely be taking your laptop make sure not to take a dongle or other form of portable internet provider with you. Most countries have local portable versions of internet providers. If you go to the south-east region you can rent overseas WiFi router from Singapore which covers the whole region.

#4 Chargers

While you are packing your chargers, take note to buy an international voltage adjuster or international versions of chargers for your vital equipment. Otherwise you will end up sobbing over a burnt laptop or camera because you plugged in your own country’s charger to a system that runs on a different voltage. Get a checklist of items that need chargers and tick them off as you pack. Forget the internet signal business as you can rent overseas WiFi router from Singapore or whichever local area you are going to.

Go to the supermarket store and invest some money in guidebooks, phrasebooks and maps on the region of the Earth you are visiting.

How Do You Help Your Child To Prepare For A Music Exam?

Posted on December 8th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

Your 10 -year- old daughter has signed up for the Grade 1 piano exam and you want to give her a good start by preparing her for the exam and giving her the best possible resources to excel. What are some things you can do as a parent?
Provide opportunities
As a parent, you of course want to give her the best possible in everything to help her to develop into the person she is meant to be. You can start by signing her up for some piano lessons with a well reputed instructor who has a track record of preparing students well for music exams. Find an instructor who is approachable as well as highly competent and encourage her to have regular lessons. You will also want to provide her with a piano or give her access to a high quality piano. If you don’t have enough room in your apartment or you haven’t invested in one yet, you can find a Piano Studio which has great facilities and will help to practice.
Develop a love for music
Rather than forcing her to go to lessons or practicing, develop her love for music and motivate her to excel. You can take her to some piano recitals or music concerts where she will see how the professional musicians play and you can also give her opportunities to watch and listen to music at home. You will find that your enthusiasm for music will be infectious, so acquaint yourself more about music if you haven’t been interested in music.
Practice, practice!
Although you don’t want to put her off through constant nagging, encourage her to practice at regular times. You can book the Piano Studio in Singapore at certain times to make sure she will be able to have access to it, whenever she needs it. Although, you want her to have a happy childhood and a balanced life, encourage her to set apart some time to practice and to develop her skills further, but avoid pushing her too much as it could have a negative impact. Help her to enjoy her playing and to be relaxed.
Overall development
As her exam draws closer, help to develop her confidence by encouraging and affirming her efforts, while at the same time, correcting any flaws. Ask her instructor for some specific feedback and things she can improve on. Finally, you are concerned about her overall development, so be happy with whatever progress she has been making and be affirming so that she can develop into the confident and accomplished person you want her to become.

You Tube Channels Have Made Their Hit

Posted on December 7th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

Today it has been a growing trend in the world to engage in producing videos as a formal activity or even as a routine job regarding certain areas of expertise and even massive companies like Apple, Microsoft, google etc. pays the people who do these kind of videos and make it a promotional effort of them. Therefore people have made it a point to do these kind of activities even for a living while some do it for the fun of it and the publicity. Especially reviews of mobile phones, cars and other similar products, comparisons, different types of experiments and other rare and amazing things are done through this.

How is it Facilitated

This is basically facilitated by social media platforms i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, you tube, twitter etc. where people can interact and communicate with each other to evaluate the effort a particular media maker has done. The reason why a particular media effort needs to be put into debate is that the video production is done by a normal person or rather a random third party hence the biasness and the power of making him or her bias towards a certain brand or a product is essentially high and therefore other similar third parties who are interested about the area of experimentation should have the opportunity to criticize and argue upon on the publicized facts and figures. Visit this website for more information about branded content.


Some people feel that video production is somewhat pointless because it’s neither done to the extent of a movie nor is it a mere piece of media captured through a mobile camera. Hence people feel lost and find it a waste or pointless when it comes to this type of media. However, the majority of people find it very much beneficial to them in today’s context people are most interested in online purchasing and today’s customers do a lot of online researching before they purchase a product. They search for customer reviews, feedbacks, comparisons of equal products, what are the user implications of the particular product and many other such aspects will be researched and this piece of media will play a huge role in contributing to their need satisfaction in the online playing field.

Adverse effects

However, there are certain adverse effects in this media conversion in terms of credibility of the source and the originator’s biasness. People might find it less trustworthy since its social media where anyone could upload anything and everything. Apart from that people will make decisions, perhaps, their final purchase decision based on these reviews and media conversions.

Hopefully this article must have given some insight on what this media is all about and how people have become dependent on this medium.

Designing The Festival Celebrating Art

Posted on December 3rd, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

To sell is an art that no man can ever truly learn. They can master it, through years of experience or they are born with it. The thing is people around the world are not really interested in getting the same product in the same wrap as the other company would sell. They need a dream for themselves. There is a very valid reason why people would claim that retail therapy is an incredible form of relaxation and helps in uplifting one’s mood. The thing with material things is that they are your possession and no matter what, you will have the authority over it. But would you go and buy a piece of cloth or even a bar of candy had it not been appealing to your eyes? We all know the answer to this question.

Why do you need the professionals?

The thing is, even a restaurant must abide by certain laws, which would make their customer salivate over the food they are being served. There is lighting, the smell, the color tone and each of it toys with the customer’s mood and makes them hungry or at least allows them to relish their food. This is what branding does to the product; it makes them appear like a dream. Now, even in the case of exhibitions, you cannot simply put up a stall of your own choice and wait there with the plethora of goodies splayed all over the counter. There is more to the story and this is where the exhibition design agency would fit in.

Understanding the nuts and bolts of the procedure

When we say ‘exhibition’ what would come across your mind? Several stalls, numerous people swarming around a certain area of land and colors and products and mostly a happy feeling. Indeed! But how are they designed? What is the brainstorming process? People, the ones selling the products do not divert their focus from the artwork they are building; rather the exhibition design agency Singapore is the one that would hold up the research work.

Reading into what would appeal to the customer’s eyes, what would be catchy enough so that people would be drawn towards them? This gives them a fair idea about the themes or the color patterns they would build and the hoardings and the displays as well. Thus, the shows attain their grandeur form and thus are the customers made to feel the way they do when they come across such festivals of life, light and art. So, whenever you are planning to promote your business aggressively, seek the help of the exhibition design agencies and get the best results within your fingertips.


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