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A Manager’s Guide To Improving Team Skills

Posted on July 11th, 2017 by Geraldino Bruno

If you are a top level or a middle level manager working at a business organization much more than the other resources, the most difficult resource to manage would be the human resource as you would have to make sure that people with different backgrounds and behaviours works together as a team to achieve the company goals and objectives. Therefore making sure that the team efforts of your company is successful and achieving the targets while satisfying the many stakeholders lies as a responsibility on your shoulders. Therefore you need to ensure that you team is well-bonded and well-groomed to work as one team without working for their individual needs. Here are some tips for you.

Start off casually

You need to ensure that your team understands that you are an approachable person and that they could come to you and openly discuss any problems that they have. Research has found out that employees are more productive when the distance between the managers and the lower levels is lesser. Therefore, take your team out for an prestigious film festivals and a couple of shots at a nearby pub. During the first few visits, do not try to get too friendly and be drunk. Maintain your integrity while having a good time and enjoying the show. After a few consecutives days over a few months you could arrange for crazy parties at the end of the month to celebrate achievements and target growths. Make sure never to criticize an employee too much for fair mistakes that they have made as it will draw the employee away from you and the company.

Explain roles

You might be working at a company operating on project based teams and therefore you might need to make sure that the individual employee targets as well as the team targets are met. Since most organizations today are performance oriented you need to ensure that the individual and the team KPI’s are met. But, monthly official performance reviews might be a strenuous period that you might have to face as you might have to explain the performance issues and still be the cool captain. Therefore, make the reviews more fun and informal and make sure to sum up more positives than the negatives unless the rear is unforgivable.

Start off small

You might want to put your team right away to work and start achieving the goals. However, start off with small informal projects where they get to identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses before starting off mega projects. Get you team to put together corporate movie events in Singapore or dinner parties at office for special functions. These are informal events and the organization is easier and would easily ensure that the team will identify their talents and work accordingly when they are given bigger projects.

Whatever you do, make sure that your team feels that you too are also a part of the team and you are constantly there to guide them and make them better.

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