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Posted on November 17th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

With the emergence of smart phones and social media, photography has turned into one of the hottest new hobbies, with amateur photographers popping around every street corner, trying their best to get the clearest shot of the sunset, bumper to bumper traffic or even just their daily cup of morning coffee. With so many people aspiring to be photographers, let’s take a look at the actual options available to a professional photographer in the current context.
Staying in Style
While fashion photo shoots have been here for quite some time, it has still not lost its relevance, with many brands wishing to do high profile photo shoots to show off their latest offerings. In addition to this, the internet era has given rise to many non-traditional types of fashion shoots taking place in un-conventional settings in order to gain greater attention.
Say “I Do”
Wedding photography is no longer limited to photographing the big day, and includes a pre wedding shoot and even an engagement shoot. All these photo shoots are lavishly arranged and require a photographer to use his creative skills, while at the same time capture memories that will last a lifetime.
Baby Steps
Newborn photography is another new trend that involves a photographer in capturing precious moments of a family. Parents need to be quick in arranging such a photo shoot, since babies appearances tend to significantly change a few weeks after birth.
Newborn photography also poses a bit of a challenge for the photographers, since their models tend to have a mind of their own.
The Yummy Kind
With the rise of food blogging and reviewing, along with the significant increase in the interest in world cuisine, food photography too is currently becoming more and more popular. Whether to include in a blog post or in a recipe book, pictures of food need to be taken with ultimate clarity and vibrancy. The photographer may need to change the lighting or add effects, such as steam, to make the picture look more appetizing. However he must keep in mind not to stray too far away from what the dish actually looks like.
Globe Trotting
With more and more people getting exposed to various world cultures, due to the removal of physical barriers in communication, the popularity of travel photography too has increased. People in their late thirties and forties are looking forward to travelling the world, and are highly interested in knowing the best places to travel to, depending on what they want to see. On the flip side, travel photography cab be used as an effective way to promote tourism of a country, by photographing and publishing the natural, social and cultural attractions that the country has to offer.

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