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Boost Your Child’s Immune System: A Parent’s Guide To A Healthy Family

Posted on February 24th, 2016 by Geraldino Bruno

Little ones can easily catch cold and flu. This is because they have weak immune systems. As a parent we have a time keeping them clean and away from germs. Hygienic should be number one at home and at school or maybe day care centre. To endure they are safe here are some tips for you to practice as a parent.
What they should eat and drink
Try to give them fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients that will maintain a healthy immunity system. To name a few; carrots beans, oranges and strawberries will do the trick. To fight against the different flu’s, germs and colds they need to have a good armor. So, this will help them a lot. And also speaking of drink, water is the best fluid ever. If they are in the age of breast feeding then breast milk is the best answer. Use a water purifier to get clean water and of course its germ free.

Using a good water cleanser brings you a lot of benefits including, prevention of cancer, to remove dangerous contaminants, overall health protection and keep the body away from disease. Also you don’t have to go on buying bottled water as long as you have this at home.
What they use
Sometimes your kids bring their friends things home from school or accidently things get mixed up. These little items can contain germs and a great way to spread them. To make sure they take and bring home their own stuff use name tags. All their shoes, bags, bottles, lunch boxes and other items can be labeled easily. Also when you have several kids at home and specially you don’t want your baby’s items being used by the others this is a great way. Their toys too need some cleaning from time to time because they will roll them on the floor and next moment try to chew it. Keeping a close eye on what they use is a great way to keep them germ-free and healthy.
Exercises for them
Not only adults but even kids should get some exercise. Everyday playing is something different from exercise. You can do it as a family. A run or two in the evening would do justice as well. It will help them to stay fit and maintain good blood level to combat germs and other diseases. Help them to join their school basketballs, tennis, swimming and other sports teams.
Healthy practices
We are taught to wash our hands since childhood. Pass the message to your kids as well. After they play with pets, after using the bathroom, before and after meals, after sports and sneezing, they need to wash their hands with soap and liquid hand wash. Keep a habit to always have mini hand sanitizers and wet wipes when you go outing, to have all round protection.

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