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Canine Psychology: What Is Your Puppy Trying To Tell You?

Posted on August 1st, 2017 by Geraldino Bruno

Canines are highly intelligent. They are also very sensitive and can be impacted by the slightest things that humans might feel are not important or just simply, dismiss. The body language and behavior of canines can give away a lot of information and it is also how they communicate with their humans. Most canines are very loyal and will serve a family or a master until they say goodbye to their relatively short lives. Before you adopt a canine, understand that the responsibility is a heavy one and one that should not be started if you do not intend to finish it all the way.

Excessive barking

What does excessive barking mean? It simply means two things. One could be frustration or unhappiness at something that is not right. It could also show a lot of pent up energy. None of these are good though and need to be attended to promptly. If your canine is barking excessively and does not seem chirpy, look around. Have they been given pet grooming Singapore? Are they fed enough? How are the medications and shots been given? Do they get enough exercise? A content canine will not bark excessively.

Refusal to eat

This does not necessarily mean that the puppy is ill. In most cases bad health is the reason for loss of appetite and therefore should be shown to a vet immediately. But in some cases it could also be depression, feeling lonely or just sad. For example, if your canine was just bought from a pet shop, they might be happy to have a new forever home but will be disoriented by the change and all the details. If a member of your family just left, they might be missing them. Pay careful attention.


Whimpering sounds like a very low moan or breathless squeak. It is very common and can display a lot of affection and a lot of unhappiness as well. Usually puppies do this when they are in need of attention. A good rub on their bellies and behind the ears should put them just right. If however, they continue to do this no matter what you do, take them to a vet because they might be experiencing pain.

Restlessness and running around

If your canine appears restless around you and is running up and down constantly stopping to look at you, they want you to play with them. It is not a good idea to let too much energy build up in your canine because it could turn a bit destructive. Therefore make sure that on a daily basis, they get enough play time. A simple game of fetch while you enjoy your coffee is enough to keep them happy.

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