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Characteristics Of A Perfect Nanny

Posted on March 15th, 2016 by Geraldino Bruno

When looking for nanny, you need to ensure that you find the right person. You cannot place your child in the arms of someone who is incompetent and inexperienced. You need to make sure that the individual is suitable for the role. Listed below are some characteristics that you need to look for in the ideal candidate.
You need to make sure that the individual is motherly and compassionate towards kids. While it is important to teach the kid manners and discipline, you need to ensure that the person is not too strict either. This can make your kid feel paranoid all the times. Make sure that she acts like a mother to your child when you are not there. This way, you can ensure that your child will not notice your absence.

It is highly important for a confinement nanny to be informed about her tasks and responsibilities. For instance, she should know how to feed the baby, how to change the nappies and how to give a bath. Using the wrong methods can risk the safety of your child to a great extent. For instance, it is very important to be careful when feeding children since the wrong technique can get them killed. Therefore, you need to ensure that the person knows what she is doing.
It is not hard to find an experienced confinement nanny in the field since there are so many of them. The advantage of hiring such an individual is that they know the right methods and techniques to follow. This reduces the possibility of making a mistakes and endangering the safety of your baby. If the person has looked after babies before, they will know what to do and what not to do. Moreover, such professionals are much safer than hiring a part-time high school babysitter since they cannot be trusted.
There is no point in hiring a kind and compassionate candidate, if the individual lacks professionalism. Regardless of the type of job you do, it is important for the individual to be professional it what he/she does. In the case of a nanny, it is important for the individual to be highly responsible, punctual and organized. She does plan everything that she is going to do for the day. She must also have contingency plans to make sure that unforeseen situations can be handled.
Moreover, the individual should also be fluent also possess good interpersonal and communication skills. It is important for the individual to possess all these good qualities since the child will learn to adapt the nanny’s behavior when he/she grows up.

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