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Choosing The Best Wines For A Party

Posted on July 27th, 2017 by Geraldino Bruno

So you’re stuck with deciding which bottle of wine to have the party you’re hosting? Do you feel intoxicated choosing a good bottle without even a sip? You can put all your worries aside. Because we have come up with some tips to not only help you play safe at the party but also take you from amateur to skilled novice in drink choices!


The food you will be pairing the drink with will have a huge impact on the choice you should make. When it comes to heavy food like meat and pasta with tomato sauce it is best if you get a full bodied drink. Whilst for lighter meals such as veggies, fish and chips its best if you could go with lighter ones. White wines are especially great with light food like veggies and plain pasta. However, you can experiment with a mix of red too. If you are having spicy food then sweeter options like Sauvignon or White Zinfandel will be great. For simple sipping Carbenets are known to be the best!


The city of origin of the grape (main ingredient) has a huge difference too. As where the grape was grown will have a major impact on the taste of the drink as well. Different geographical locations have different environmental conditions which make the taste vary. Also countries like France, German and Italy are known to be the oldest wine makers and in most cases are the best. So it is safe to assume that drinks made in these countries will taste better. However, new makers such as US and South Africa are known to make drinks of great taste too. So the next time you are buying your drink make sure to check the wine supplier and the country of origin.


The ingredients of the drink will obviously make a huge difference. Most of the drinks with a single type of grape tastes really good. And it will be an easier choice to make. A red wine in Myanmar known as Sauvignon is rich in flavour and is known to taste really well with heavy dishes such as meat and pasta with sauce. Meriot is the exact opposite. It is another type of red that goes really well with lighter food like fish. It is also very popular for its good taste. Chardonnay is a kind of white that will suit perfectly with chicken and creamy food. Syrah on the other hand is a red that is known to one of the best Australian and French drinks ever!


In contrast to the general thinking that the wines with the oldest cellar life taste best, there are drinks that taste duller with time. Therefore you will need to check the drinks cellar life before deciding whether or not to keep it in the cellar. Most drinks in these days come after they have completed at least two years of cellar life and are completely ready for consumption. It is a basic rule that reds get better with age whilst whites and sparkling wines do not fall into that category.

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