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Posted on July 13th, 2017 by Geraldino Bruno

We often pile on furniture of our choice in our homes and before we know it, our home looks too crowded and constricted. There are studies that state that, when we make our living spaces clutter free, it helps to bring peace of mind. Hence, if you have been ignoring the piles of items that seem to reduce the living space in your home, chances are that it affects your mind as well. Indeed, who would not want to see a clutter free living space? Here is an easy and convenient option to make your home clutter free.

Storing spaces for rent

If you thought that storage rentals were only for those who were moving home or were relocated, think again. There is convenient storage solution in Singapore on offer in most urban regions of today, given the lack of space in modern apartments. Hence, if you feel that the walled in closets and cabinets in your home is not enough to store items or the extra furniture pieces you own, you are not alone. Many people face the dilemma and that is when these facilities come of use.

How much do you pay?

This is another question that concerns most residential users who are looking for some extra space to stash their belongings. The storage space that you get at rental facilities can be a small room or the size of your apartment as well. Depending on the floor sizes or dimensions of the rental space the rent rates are determined. It also depends on additional features that are offered. As most storage facilities offer a certain level of security, surveillance options as well as secure access or climate control features, you would be paying a certain rate for availing such facilities. However, the rates are nominal and several facilities offer attractive discounts on long term rental contracts that span a year or more.

How to use it?

Many home owners feel hesitant to store their home goods in storage rental facilities as they feel that they will not be able to access it frequently. However, the modern rental facilities make it convenient for users to access their facilities and they often offer convenient locations as well. Hence, you could easily take a trip to your storage rental facility at the working hours provided and take items out or store in extra goods as and when required. It would be akin to having an extended part of your wardrobe or closet in another part of the city. With such conveniences and easy access through online sites, this is truly a great way to hold onto your belongings and make your home clutter free.

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