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Essentials To Pack When Going Abroad

Posted on December 8th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

If you are planning on going abroad for the seasonal holidays, and were smart enough to plan months ahead and grab tickets that did not take two paychecks then you must also have thought of what to take and not take with you when you are going abroad. So for those who are veterans and also for the newbie people, here are some items that you must give attention to.

#1 Clothes

When you are packing clothes always consider the options of where you are going and where you are staying at. Most hotels all over the world offer laundry services, and if not you can always go for the local Laundromat. So pack only essential clothes that can be washed again without hassle. And if you planning on shopping for clothes you can always wear those new clothes too. So bear in mind not to pack like a nagger and only take comfortable clothes that makes you look good on camera.

#2 Medicine

All of us have a condition or two that require taking medication on a regular basis. Make sure to make an appointment with the doctor to get an extra prescription and also extra medication. Pack this medication according to each dosage so you have three packets if you are taking three separate doses on a day. Do not put all you medicine into one bag as if you lose that bag you will have nothing. Also take some basic painkillers, vomit medicine, stomach medicine for emergency scenarios.

#3 Camera and accessories

It is a good idea to take spare batteries for your camera and also invest in an extra safe camera bag. Since you will most likely be taking your laptop make sure not to take a dongle or other form of portable internet provider with you. Most countries have local portable versions of internet providers. If you go to the south-east region you can rent overseas WiFi router from Singapore which covers the whole region.

#4 Chargers

While you are packing your chargers, take note to buy an international voltage adjuster or international versions of chargers for your vital equipment. Otherwise you will end up sobbing over a burnt laptop or camera because you plugged in your own country’s charger to a system that runs on a different voltage. Get a checklist of items that need chargers and tick them off as you pack. Forget the internet signal business as you can rent overseas WiFi router from Singapore or whichever local area you are going to.

Go to the supermarket store and invest some money in guidebooks, phrasebooks and maps on the region of the Earth you are visiting.

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