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How Do You Help Your Child To Prepare For A Music Exam?

Posted on December 8th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

Your 10 -year- old daughter has signed up for the Grade 1 piano exam and you want to give her a good start by preparing her for the exam and giving her the best possible resources to excel. What are some things you can do as a parent?
Provide opportunities
As a parent, you of course want to give her the best possible in everything to help her to develop into the person she is meant to be. You can start by signing her up for some piano lessons with a well reputed instructor who has a track record of preparing students well for music exams. Find an instructor who is approachable as well as highly competent and encourage her to have regular lessons. You will also want to provide her with a piano or give her access to a high quality piano. If you don’t have enough room in your apartment or you haven’t invested in one yet, you can find a Piano Studio which has great facilities and will help to practice.
Develop a love for music
Rather than forcing her to go to lessons or practicing, develop her love for music and motivate her to excel. You can take her to some piano recitals or music concerts where she will see how the professional musicians play and you can also give her opportunities to watch and listen to music at home. You will find that your enthusiasm for music will be infectious, so acquaint yourself more about music if you haven’t been interested in music.
Practice, practice!
Although you don’t want to put her off through constant nagging, encourage her to practice at regular times. You can book the Piano Studio in Singapore at certain times to make sure she will be able to have access to it, whenever she needs it. Although, you want her to have a happy childhood and a balanced life, encourage her to set apart some time to practice and to develop her skills further, but avoid pushing her too much as it could have a negative impact. Help her to enjoy her playing and to be relaxed.
Overall development
As her exam draws closer, help to develop her confidence by encouraging and affirming her efforts, while at the same time, correcting any flaws. Ask her instructor for some specific feedback and things she can improve on. Finally, you are concerned about her overall development, so be happy with whatever progress she has been making and be affirming so that she can develop into the confident and accomplished person you want her to become.

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