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How To De-Stress Yourself At Work

Posted on January 13th, 2016 by Geraldino Bruno

Tired of all the people running to your cubicle and asking whether their documents are ready or finished? Hiding behind the potted plant when you see your boss because you do not have everything ready for him/her for the next meetings? Then you are an overwhelmed tired employee looking for ways to reduce your brain load. Here are some tips to read on your break.

● Avoiding the meetings plague

Sometimes there is an email invitation for a meeting that comes every week or so which ends up taking up much more time than the invitation specified and puts you behind schedule of your own tasks aligned for the day. (Usually corporate finance services and other salary-defining meetings should be held properly) According to statistics, an average office worker ends up spending over 31 hours each month in meetings (which most of the time end up about territories and subtle insults). Before making up a meeting or booking one check yourself by thinking whether what you need to accomplish can be done by an email, phone call, internet conversation or a web-based meeting (apparently these are much more productive).

● End the myth of multitasking

People always think that multitasking is a good thing (due to articles and publications running rampant around the internet). But apparently it might be the actual opposite of what we think. Psychologists have now found that doing many tasks at once actually decreases your focus, intent, productivity and also time that is actually required to complete the tasks (you’re doing them all with half the efficacy apparently). So try to use the two minute rule of doing all the tiny tasks first within two minutes and then taking your mind off them to concentrate on the big fish on your desk.

● Perfection is only accomplishable when you can count your tasks due in one hand

While it is a good idea to be methodical about things (take note all you corporate accounting services employees), it is not a good idea to be a perfectionist in everything you do at work. Reality is a sour lemon and will end up making your task harder than usual so go for your best and wish for the worst. Give priority in your list for the tasks that are truly important for the company image or is going international or so.

Going for proactive at work is better than being reactive; so do not give too much time or focus into the calls and emails bombarding you all day and give yourself some breaks in between tasks to ease your brain.

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