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How To Make Your Office A Second Home

Posted on April 1st, 2016 by Geraldino Bruno

An office is a place where people of modern times spend a lot of their time. So much so that, some people tend to spend more time in their offices than they do at home. This cannot be frowned upon. While this habit has detrimental effects on a person’s social and family life, the modern pace of the business world demands that people spend more time at work. The least the management of an organization can do is to ensure that people’s family lives and social lives are not compromised as a result of their work. Many large organizations across the world have embraced the concept of making offices into second homes. As such, an office is made in such a way that homely touches are accessible to its employees quite easily when required. You would be surprised to know that some of these homely touches don’t seem to cost millions at all. Here are some tips that you too can adopt in your place of work to make it a second home. 
Provide food
Food is one of the biggest comfort factors, in addition to being a basic requirement. Many people tend to eat when they are worried, stressed, happy or just when they are feeling bored. Having food at hand can make your employees manage these emotions better. For example, a person under a lot of stress may be able to bust his stress by eating a tub of ice-cream. This is not to say that you should be having all kinds of gourmet foods stocked in your office. However you could be looking into basic things such as coffee machine rental or renting a vending machine.

Creative break areas
It is important to have break areas in your office if your employees spend a lot of time at office. This does not mean the little balcony that overlooks the parking lot. Cordon off a separate area for breaks and decorate it in such a way that it is relaxing to the mind. You could go one step further and think about coffee machine rental or simply setting up a mini fridge in the area.
Exercise facilities
For an employee that spends almost half of his day in an office, the chances of engaging in physical exercises is less. So why not set up a mini gym right in your office? Or if you have an entire office complex, why not set up a walking path? This way, your employees will not have to go too far from their place of work to get their daily quota of exercises. In addition, this will also ensure that your employees are focused and are more creative.

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