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How To Promote A Swimwear Line

Posted on December 18th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

Swim wear is rather popular in island countries with lot of sun and during the summer. It is quite difficult to make swim wear look good, because people have different tastes and it is not really their concern of the swim ware. But there are several ways to promote you line of swim ware if you are a swim wear designer.

Fashion show

The best and the most famous way of promoting designer wear is that to have a fashion show. Try and get many sponsors as possible. Because holding a fashion show is not an easy or cheap task. If you are short on cash you can actually make it like a charity event and get people to cover for the fashion show as well. Have exciting activities like underwater photography for the participants to enjoy and you can charge for this as well. There are many other ways to collect funds for a fashion show, you can take a small loan to cover the expenses, enter in a competition are few of those.

Social media

Social media is a powerful tool these days to promote almost anything. Create a page for your brand and post latest designs and prices and if you take any custom orders for swim teams you can take them through facebook as well. when you are posting pictures of the swimwear designs, make sure they are out of the ordinary, for example since it is a swimwear line you can have good cameraman to elevate the designs, especially if your designs involve lot of diving suit designs.

Media advertising

This is rather en expensive method, but if you have the funds for it, you can put an advertisement on television, radio or news papers. Putting up advertisements in fashion magazines are an expensive option but lot of potential customers does read these magazines. It is slightly old school but advertising in magazines and media is still a valid form of promoting products.


This is when you sponsor events with either your clothing or with funds to help their event and you get to advertise your products and brand. For example if there is an fashion event organized you can sponsor them with funds so that you can advertise your products during the event. Or if there is a beach concert organized you can sponsor swimwear and that way you get free publicity.


If you have friends or contacts in the media like magazines or any channels, you can require them to do an interview of you. If there are any programs for upcoming entrepreneurs, fashion designers etc, you can ask to be interviewed and that way you can promote your designs.

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