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How To Win The Loyalty Of Those Working Under You In Your Team At Work?

Posted on October 25th, 2017 by Geraldino Bruno

Are you the new boss or manager of a previously existing team of workers or office? Are you struggling to earn the loyalty of your subordinates; something valuable for any boss? If so, here are a few useful tips in order to win over the loyalty of your subordinates or team members…

  • Take the time to get to know them – getting to know those who work under you and with you is very important. Getting to know their strengths and weaknesses (work wise, of course) will make it easier for you to delegate tasks to them. Knowing these things also makes it easier for you to help them improve in their work. You can try some team building games and exercises to help you get to know your work subordinates better.
  • Show them that you know what you’re talking about – more often than not, it’s human for people to naturally trust and be loyal to someone they respect. While you position might make you feel like you should get it automatically, it’s not how that works. Showing those under you that you are in your position because you actually deserve to be there, and that the advice you give is from your own experience makes your subordinates more comfortable about taking orders from you.
  • Pull your weight – a good leader is someone who knows to lead by example. Every work place has its busy times. In times like this especially, it’s important that you pull your weight. Work as hard and smart as your team. Stay late if your subordinates are staying to work. trust us, this tip alone will make your crew work like a well oiled machine; something even the best teambuilding companies in Singapore can’t help you with.
  • Be impartial and neutral when problems crop up among those who work under you – it’s natural and human for those working under you to have issues among themselves. While it’s best trying to avoid such arguments and issues, it is never completely avoidable. If a situation like this crops us, try your best to be impartial and neutral. Listen to both parties attentively; no matter what you feel. Make your subordinates understand that you are being fair to them; no matter who they are…
  • Be mindful about how you handle praise and corrections – it is psychologically proven that how you praise someone and how you correct (read “yell”) someone makes a huge difference in their working efficiency. If you are going to single them out in public, make sure it’s for praise. If you have to correct their mistakes, do so privately. Try to be constructive about your criticism to get better results. Remember that positive reinforcement can help people learn faster than any criticism or punishment can…

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