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Main Gift Giving Occasions

Posted on December 3rd, 2017 by Geraldino Bruno

As great as it is to be on the end where the gifts are received, it gives you more special feeling when you are the one giving the gifts. While opening a present seem to be temporary feeling, present giving gives you more of a self fulfilling feeling that would last forever.

Here are some few occasions we give gifts

In expressing love

Gift giving is a good way of strengthening your relationships and friendships. You should always show the other person how much you care and love for them. It doesn’t have to be an occasion to give gifts, make it random, make it surprising that way your present would have more value.

And if you go beyond the chocolates and roses , and give them something like  customised gifts, it shows your sincerity and how much you love care for them.

In celebration of a birthday

A birthday is a special milestone of any one and I personally believe that a birthdays should be celebrated. Irrespective to the age difference, it is important to give a little attention to them and make them feel special on this special day.

To keep in touch

Everyone we love and care for, may not live on the same geographical area as you live. So besides a letter or an email asking how they are and keeping each other updated on each others lives, why not send a present showing them that you think about them, and sometimes there’s just nothing greater than something like a homemade jar of your favorite dish , if you live overseas.

Keeping in touch, doesn’t always mean loved ones / family/friends, this can be done in regards to business as well and this is why the word corporate gifts suppliers has been introduced. They say actions speak louder than words , so why not have your clients keep contact with you no matter where they are in the world by adding a token of appreciation and even to an employee, giving a gift would really build up their morale and make them happy employees.

Anniversary gifts

Whether you are celebrating the 1st or the 50th or the 13 the anniversary of a love life or of a business, it is nice to give a present and to show them that they  are remembered no matter how busy your lives are.

Housewarming party

It is important to take a present with you, when you are going to meet your friend /relative at their new home for the first time. Your present could be something useful for their new home or something that uplift their well being. Useful gifts are perfect on such occasions.

These are a just a few occasions I have mentioned that gifts are being given, Moreover gifts can be used to say sorry or thank you or even when someone gets promoted or pass and exam. Your present can be simple, inexpensive but not t worry; it’s the thought that counts remember?

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