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Planning A Perfect Party

Posted on March 16th, 2016 by Geraldino Bruno

Are you about to start planning that perfect birthday bash? Well, there is no need to be as stressed or worried as you seem to be. As long as you start planning thing as early as you can and keep yourself organized, you can make sure that your party is one where memories are made and kept. There are many sites out there that allow you to create a checklist for when you are planning your party. Ideally, you would start about a month before the party is even due for the best experience ever. Organization is incredibly important if you want to be a good party planner.

Be as organized as you can be

Make sure that you keep one or more lists about everything that needs to be done in time for your party. Sort them by the due date so that you can take care of the more pressing matters like buffet catering long before you actually need it. This will help you avoid people backing out at the last minute and ruining things for you. Your guest list is also important. It will allow you to prevent the random drug addict from down the alley coming into your party and smoking all your….cigarettes.

It is also important that you have a theme for the party that you are planning. Having a theme is good advice for just about any event, no matter what it is. Except a funeral. Keep the theme at a funeral deathly. That’s good enough. For a different type of party though you should definitely think of and maintain a theme. This should be applied to everything in the party, including the buffet catering. Make sure that your caterers understand what the theme is.

Some caterers go the extra mile

Some of the better staff out there will actually help without you even having to ask. They will wear costumes, or stick to a certain dress code. For example, a Hitman themed party could turn out with the caterers shaving their heads, stamping barcodes on the back and working in full suits. That would be pretty darn cool, although it is admittedly a rarity to find a food caterer this cool. Other nice themes include Star Wars, the Great Gatsby, space, and more.

Almost ready to send out those online invitations? STOP. Sure, online invites or evites are very trendy, fast and easy. Don’t do easy. Do old school. Everyone loves old school. Evites are definitely a good idea if you are hard pressed for time. For the most part though, you should definitely try to mail out regular invites by post. It adds a personal touch to the invitation.

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