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Preparing For Construction Safety Audit Scoring System

Posted on February 22nd, 2016 by Geraldino Bruno

Over the past years, it had been a challenge to monitor the reports of audit firms. Construction Safety Audit Scoring System also widely known as ConSASS is a standard checklist. Therefore, this standardized checklist helped officials to overcome this barrier. This is used as a scoring system for approved or accredited audit firms. Moreover, it’s conducted to examine the difference from one audit firm to another. Here are some information about this scoring system:

 How is this standard checklist useful to workplace safety health officials?

As mentioned above, since it was a challenge and barrier to assess and it lacked uniformity, this new scoring system plays a pivotal role.

 Officials are able to cross compare between firms, now they are able to measure the effectiveness of the management of health and safety risks in worksites.
 As a fact, it plays an important role in motivating authorities to thrive for improving and reducing these risks and dangers.

 What does the scoring system include?

The standardized ConSASS audit includes a set of about 330 questions, which includes questions for every personnel working in the sites. Each of these questions are further categorized into 4 bands, numbered from 1-4 in Roman numerical. In order to be rated in a higher category there’s a pass criterion of achieving about 70 or more of the questions in the checklist. On the other hand, it’s based on the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ cycle, including of 17 sub elements. Here’s a brief overview of the cycle and some items included as sub elements;

 Plan: OSH policy and planning
– Planning for identifying hazards, risks, etc.
– OSH managing programs
– Legal requirements

 Do: implementation and operation
– Training and awareness
– Consultation and communication
– Documentation

 Check: checking and correcting action
– Monitoring and measuring performance
– Preventive and correcting actions for accidents and so on
– Management of records

 Act: management review
– Overall review of the management

 Are there any other important documents that are required?

The only supporting documents that have to be submitted during the ConSASS audit is the scoring card and checklist. You could find the templates and documents of these questionnaires and checklist online.

As seen above, there’s a lot of information that you need to comprehend regarding this standardized scoring system. Therefore, it’s important that you probe into these and research about it. As a workplace safety and health official you need to familiarize with these, in order to review the information from the questionnaire.

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