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Reasons For Clogs And Blocks

Posted on July 27th, 2017 by Geraldino Bruno

There is a reason why everything takes place. Sometimes it could be due to something that you did purposely or it could be due to an unavoidable circumstance. Whichever the reason is, you will always find yourself finding a reason for any action. If you look at the environment, most natural disasters occur due to pollution and other factors that is done by man to destroy the balance of the nature. If you take your house, the reason why there are pests infested in your house would be because of your own actions. There could be a situation where your drains and pipes could get blocked in your house. This could lead to a situation where you need to either hire someone and unclog it or do it by yourself. If you are trying to understand why these drains get clogged, the following would help you get a better understanding on this subject.


If you flush things such as toilet paper there could be a high chance if you finding a blocked drain very soon in your house. Flushing unnecessary items that does not get dissolved easily is one of the most common ways of pipes getting clogged. Things like hair and other items as such can lead to toilet floortrap choke situations. Hair is one of the most common reasons as it entangles other objects to create a pile which ends up clogging the pipes. Therefore, you need to clean the floor traps regularly and avoid flushing things as paper. This way, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble.


Greasy items are often washed down the pantry tap and sink. Therefore, it is easy for the pipes to be of greasy nature. This often makes it difficult for the water to drain as this builds up in the pipes and takes up the space that is available for the water to flow out. If situations as such arises you need to consider a kitchen pipe flushing to overcome the issue. Moreover, you can avoid washing out greasy water down the drain and dispose it elsewhere like to a garden area to avoid these problems.


If your pipes are installed in a manner which makes it difficult for the water to flow out, it would create a situation where the pipes will get clogged easily. If you decide to do the plumbing work by yourself, think whether you have the required knowledge and expertise to do a proper job. If not, you need to make sure you get an expert to install your pipes to avoid a situation as such.

Therefore, make sure you avoid the above to refrain from your pipes getting clogged.

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