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The First Day Of School – Dealing With Those Crying Jags

Posted on February 9th, 2016 by Geraldino Bruno

Humans are always learning new things throughout their lives. For us, learning is a never ending process that goes on until the day we die. Some of this learning is formal while some others experiences are informal. Formal learning is what we learn in an institutional setting. Our formal learning starts from the minute we start pre-school or school. Starting school is one of the biggest steps in a child’s life and many children look forward to it with excitement. Parents find this experience to be one of mixed emotions, being both sad and happy at the same time. Regardless of what parents think, starting school is usually accompanies by crying jags that goes on for weeks. This can be a difficult experience for the already emotional parent. Here are some ways in which you too can deal with those crying jags that accompany the first day of school.


First and foremost, accept the fact that going to school, regardless of whether it is first grade or playgroup, is a difficult experience for a kid. He or she had been solely looked after by you or someone familiar and the sudden exposure to a number of unfamiliar kids can be daunting. So make it a point to familiarize your kid with the idea of school and the school itself.

A few days before the beginning of school, take some time to talk to your kid about school and how it is a part of becoming a grown up. Take your kid to the actual school or playgroup premises and familiarize him or her with the setting. Inform your kid that he or she too will be coming there regularly. If there are any orientation programs, make sure that you take your kid to them.

Make a friend

Encourage your child to make friends with the fellow schoolmates. If your child is on the shy side, give him a little pushing in the right direction. If you already know any other kids attending the same school, introduce your kid to them. You should, however, draw the line at being too influential in your child’s choices. Once your kid has made a friend, the crying jags will automatically cease.

Seek professional help

It is not unusual for a kid to have crying jags a few weeks following school. But if they continue, you should probably investigate. First talk to your child and try to find out a reason as to what upsets him or her about the school. Speak to his or her teacher and make sure that the teacher pays enough attention to your kid. If the crying jags prevail, speak to a child psychologist to get further help.

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