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When Beauty Is Equal To Fairness

Posted on February 4th, 2016 by Geraldino Bruno

Beauty lies skin deep – the truth of this age old proverb is becoming somewhat irrelevant in today’s time. Outer beauty or appearance is becoming of utmost importance for today’s generation globally. Looks or appearance is the first priority and talent or other qualities come after it. In the context of preference or selection of a person in any competition, not only in the beauty or entertainment industry, but also in other industrial sectors, beauty is the winning factor. After all, an impressive look is always a winner in every sphere of life.
It is a trend nowadays that everybody wants to look or appear beautiful. This consciousness about one’s looks is growing with every passing day. No matter which age group you belong to, in today’s competitive market you have to be presentable. So, this general awareness about beauty is quite understandable. But some, rather the majority of human population has a common tendency of equating beauty with fairness or ‘whiteness’ so to speak. That is the sole reason behind the surge in the business of skin whitening products in Singapore or services.

Every human being is born with some physical attributes owing to their genes and geographical environment. But in every corner of the world, with each passing day, everyone is inclining towards making themselves look more and more beautiful than the way they originally look. And look is largely defined by the skin you wear. A flawless skin is always something desirable. But a fair skin is in demand since ages in every corner of the world. Thus beauty industry has probably got the maximum business from this turn – that is the skin whitening products – from the time of its advent.
Salons and beauty parlors in recent times entertain the maximum number of clients who come to seek beauty treatment creams relating to tan removal, skin lightening, or skin whitening. We know celebrities who have successfully gone through skin whitening treatments and now wear an all new skin which is much fairer than their original complexion. Most of them have gone through the surgical process. But there are also non-surgical procedures which give almost the same result as the surgical ones. Researchers are working towards new and improved products, services and equipments which give the maximum output in the least possible time and in a painless way.
However, there is a wide range of beauty products from every reputed brand existing in the market that work on the skin’s melanin production process and give a whitening effect. All these products can be used at home by the consumer on a daily basis. Gel or cream based facewash, bodywash, moisturizer, day cream and night cream, which lighten or whiten the skin, are there for different skin types.

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