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You Tube Channels Have Made Their Hit

Posted on December 7th, 2015 by Geraldino Bruno

Today it has been a growing trend in the world to engage in producing videos as a formal activity or even as a routine job regarding certain areas of expertise and even massive companies like Apple, Microsoft, google etc. pays the people who do these kind of videos and make it a promotional effort of them. Therefore people have made it a point to do these kind of activities even for a living while some do it for the fun of it and the publicity. Especially reviews of mobile phones, cars and other similar products, comparisons, different types of experiments and other rare and amazing things are done through this.

How is it Facilitated

This is basically facilitated by social media platforms i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, you tube, twitter etc. where people can interact and communicate with each other to evaluate the effort a particular media maker has done. The reason why a particular media effort needs to be put into debate is that the video production is done by a normal person or rather a random third party hence the biasness and the power of making him or her bias towards a certain brand or a product is essentially high and therefore other similar third parties who are interested about the area of experimentation should have the opportunity to criticize and argue upon on the publicized facts and figures. Visit this website for more information about branded content.


Some people feel that video production is somewhat pointless because it’s neither done to the extent of a movie nor is it a mere piece of media captured through a mobile camera. Hence people feel lost and find it a waste or pointless when it comes to this type of media. However, the majority of people find it very much beneficial to them in today’s context people are most interested in online purchasing and today’s customers do a lot of online researching before they purchase a product. They search for customer reviews, feedbacks, comparisons of equal products, what are the user implications of the particular product and many other such aspects will be researched and this piece of media will play a huge role in contributing to their need satisfaction in the online playing field.

Adverse effects

However, there are certain adverse effects in this media conversion in terms of credibility of the source and the originator’s biasness. People might find it less trustworthy since its social media where anyone could upload anything and everything. Apart from that people will make decisions, perhaps, their final purchase decision based on these reviews and media conversions.

Hopefully this article must have given some insight on what this media is all about and how people have become dependent on this medium.

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